How to Stop Eating Chips & Salsa (AKA The First Trimester)

December 7, 2016

Ohhhh, the first trimester. There is so much to say about it but most importantly, I am simply happy I am now looking back on it and no longer in the thick of it. If I had to sum it up in a few words, I guess they would be: FUCKING MISERABLE. haha (I can laugh about it now but there was no laughing while experiencing it).

Here’s the thing, no one and nothing can prepare you for pregnancy in general, especially the first trimester. ESPECIALLY the first trimester I experienced. Before I became pregnant, I took the “positive thinking” approach. Which basically means for many years now, I have thought positively about pregnancy; that I would not experience morning sickness or headaches, and would be happy and normal but pregnant. Boy, did that ever not work!!!

The morning sickness, aka nausea started almost immediately but it was subtle. In the first two weeks after the test was positive, all I basically had to do was eat some ginger candies and the nausea would go away. But then the week of August 8th happened (6 weeks pregnant) and everything changed. The nausea HIT ME HARD and was constant day or night, awake or asleep. Because life is just so fair and wonderful, I had to spend the week in Tahoe, where I was managing a vacation rental for a high end client and needed to be present just in case anything went wrong. Basically, I was away from the comfort of my own home, the care of my loving husband and was with my bosses (aka my parents) for seven straight days. I was planning on doing tons of work while I was there but I LITERALLY couldn’t do anything, so nothing got done and of course my boss (Dad) witnessed it all.


Guess what? I figured it out, MORNING SICKNESS is how you stop!

This week was the week I learned that food would kind of make me feel better but getting food in my mouth and down my throat was a MAJOR challenge. The only way I would put food in my mouth was if it tasted ridiculously good and was full of flavor (aka, anything that was bad for me). Unfortunately, I had little control of the meals at my parents house and I didn’t want to inconvenience my Mom by asking her to change the whole menu she had planned. So, night after night, my Mom would serve grilled chicken or steak, rice or potatoes and brocolli. ALL OF WHICH I HONESTLY COULDN’T SMELL or LOOK AT, LET ALONE EAT. One night we did get Mexican food (which is usually my FAV) but of course during the morning sickness, Mexican food went into the category of CAN NOT EAT. I did manage to eat here and there (thank god my parents keep their house stocked full of snack food and salami) but by the time I arrived back home to Marin County, I was down about 7 pounds and FUCKING MISERABLE (did I say that already?). They always say you’re one stomach flu away from your ideal weight, who knew I was one pregnancy away from my ideal weight, lol.

This is how the next TEN WEEKS went for me. I was unable to work and if I had to work, I did the bare minimum (which was a struggle even to do that much). What I could eat changed on a day to day basis and I was still eating very little and very bad food (Gluten free mac & cheese was frequently consumed). All I could do was lay on the couch, watch TV, binge on Netflix and sleep. Talking was a struggle. I didn’t see my friends. Thankfully, I only threw up a handful of times but when I did it was violent and AWFUL. I even had a mini panic attack one night in my seventh week, overwhelmed with how I was going to survive several more weeks of this. There were many, many times where I was convinced that this was my life now, that the nausea would never go away and I was doomed to be FUCKING MISERABLE for the rest of my life.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen. The constant, 24/7 morning sickness went away at about 16 weeks but was quickly replaced with a headache EVERY MORNING. Caffeine helps a ton with headaches and my nausea was so minimal that I was able to drink some coffee in the mornings and that would usually solve the problem. I did take Tylenol a few times when the caffeine didn’t work, which I am NOT happy about. I am trying very hard to have a natural, organic, healthy pregnancy and Tylenol is on the bottom of that list. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do sometimes, right? I still have a dull feeling in my head when I wake up (I am 23 weeks) but each day it gets less and less. And the morning sickness is completely gone. I can eat all food with much pleasure and enjoyment (YAY)!!!!

So there’s my story. I hope you enjoyed it and for those of you who can relate, you are all my heros!

Happily, Marissa

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  • Reply Luda December 7, 2016 at 8:48 pm

    Ok. YES TO EVERYTHING YOU SAID. Like I’m so thrilled there is someone out there who has experienced what I’m going through right now. I am in my 9th week of pregnancy and literally dread waking up every morning knowing I’m about to barf an average of three times per day. I hate being pregnant right now. Haha lol but really I’m crying ?. So glad you’re feeling better! Gives me hope!!

    • Reply Marissa December 15, 2016 at 9:03 pm

      HANG IN THERE GIRL!!!!! AND KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This is the worst of it and it will get better!!! Happy my post can give you some hope πŸ™‚ I am posting my morning sickness “cures” tomorrow (December 16th), so check back for that, maybe there is a tip you haven’t tried yet. CONGRATS on your pregnancy!!! xoxoxo

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