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Nursery Inspiration

December 19, 2016

I can not tell you HOW FREAKIN EXCITED I am to decorate the nursery!!!! This past week, my amazing and super organized Mom came to help me organize my life and my office, so we could clear out what is to be the nursery room. All the bedroom furniture from that room is now living comfy and cozy in my office and the nursery is one empty blank space for me to go crazy in!!!!!

We already purchased the crib (via an amazing stroke of luck on craigslist) but otherwise we need EVERYTHING ELSE! I don’t think my husband even realizes what he is in for. My goal is to try and be as cost friendly as I can be in certain areas so I can spend on others (like on some AMAZING wall paper, the lighting, the glider, etc).

And just like when I was planning my wedding, Pinterest has been my go to for nursery inspiration. Here is what I am LOVING so far!

We purchased the above crib (in birch not white) and I am IN LOVE!

CLEARLY I am gravitating towards a more girly vibe, as that is just my natural style. I can’t WAIT till we find out the gender (Christmas Day), so I can really start planning (and purchasing) for this little coconut of ours.

Happily, Marissa

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My Favorite Room

April 2, 2015

My Favorite Room- Home Decor

My Favorite Room- Home Decor

My Favorite Room- Home Decor


My Favorite Room- Home Decor


My Favorite Room- Home Decor




My Favorite Room- Home Decor

My Favorite Room- Home Decor



The queen of the house on her perch overlooking her kingdom 😉

My husband & I purchased our beautiful home in June of 2013 with much excitement & nervousness. To be honest, the house is a little big for us now but between our businesses & our future kids, we know we will fill it up one day (hopefully soon, wink wink). We have another large room that is just off our kitchen that we use as our TV room, so when we moved in, that room was our priority to furnish which left this room empty & it soon became a storage room (sadly). Then, about a year in, my parents sold their house in the city & we purchased their furniture (which I have LOVED for years, so you can imagine my excitement). FINALLY, we were able to furnish this room & make it a space to be lived in! Now it is my most favorite room in the house!

I am a very sentimental person. Having furniture & accessories in my home that mean something is very important to me. I can’t stand a house that is well designed but lacks character & doesn’t represent the people living in it. These are the pieces that make a house a home. Most of the accessories you see (the D&M pillows, the vases, that gold antler) were used as decor at our wedding (can you tell I am a huge Jonathan Adler fan?). My brother in law made the coffee table which was part of the aisle we walked down when we got married. Every time I walk into this room, my heart fills with joy, reminding me of that very special day.

While it may not look like it, this room is far from being complete. The back wall needs some art BADLY (currently saving my dough for a Grey Malin piece, I LOVE this one, this one & this one) & possibly some killer wallpaper. I want to hang the LOVE letters over the fireplace, re-paint the walls & ceiling, install the pendant lamps we have (that are being stored in our dining room, lol), swap out the carpet for hardwood floors, and possibly add a TV so I can watch Real Housewives in peace (my husband HATES anything Bravo). Can you imagine that is just my wish list for ONE room?! I better be a millionaire soon with these pipe dreams because I have lots of other rooms I want to improve 😉

I also added a few of the pieces you see in the photos to my board “For The Home” over on, so you can shop them with ease. I hope you all enjoyed my favorite room!

happily, marissa

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Pink Is The New Black

March 26, 2015





images via pinterest

Pink is popping up all over the place in the home decor set these days & I am OBSESSED! I have been in love with pink since just about birth, so this trend is something I can definitely get on board with. The trend is seen in so many different ways: from painting a wall or a door to simply adding a pink rug to a room, you can easily get the look without having to commit! I myself am dying to have a pink wall!! Now I just need to find the right place… stay tuned!

happily, marissa